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How You Can Make Any Dog Like You!

How You Can Make Any Dog Like You! When meeting a new dog there will not be an instant connection all the time. Instead it takes time to build a relationship with love and trust. Whether it is a new dog you have or a family dog you want to bond and be comfortable around. So here are some tips to help get a dog to like you. Follow these tips and soon dogs will be following you around! Understanding – It takes time to understand your dog. You need to observe them and their behaviour. See what they like and dislike, how do they communicate, when are they hungry or need attention. Once you understand their needs it is...

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How to Teach You Dog to Walk on A Loose Leash

Does your dog practically pull your arm off when you take him for a walk? Has it become so unpleasant that you no longer want to walk him? Well, you’re not alone. Many dogs that have never been taught to walk on a loose leash pull their owners down the street. There are ways to change this annoying behavior, however, and we have a few suggestions. Dogs have what we call “opposition reflex”, which means they pull against pressure. When a dog feels pressure on the front of his throat from his collar, he actually pulls against it. This is why choke collars only make the problem worse. The tighter the collar gets, the more he will pull. It’s a...

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How to Protect Your Cat or Dog From Heat Stroke

With summer fast approaching, there are a few basic rules to keep in mind to help your pets enjoy the hot weather. Thermoregulation is a process that allows your body to maintain its internal temperature by releasing excess heat. In humans, sweat plays a key role in thermoregulation and can occur on almost any surface of the body. This process is different for dogs and cats. Since pets sweat only through their paw pads, they have to compensate with other ways of getting rid of excess heat, such as panting. What is heat stroke? It is a condition characterized by a marked increase in body temperature (fever or hyperthermia) resulting from exposure to outside heat, disturbance in thermoregulation mechanisms and...

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